Sofar Solar 15 KTL-X – G3 (wi-fi DC)

Sofar Solar 15 KTL-X – G3 (wi-fi DC)

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Datasheet Sofar Solar 12k-24k KTLX G3

Sofar Solar KTLX G3 series is a three-phase inverter that is perfect for large photovoltaic installations – solar farms, commercial buildings, etc. The degree of protection IP65 allows the installation of the inverter outside the building. The three-phase inverter Sofar KTLX G3 is characterized by a stainless, aluminum housing. It is removable for easy installation. It is an optimal product for large PV farms, which has two MPPT-Tracker modules, a wide range of supply voltages and the ability to store recorded data on an internal memory card for a period of 25 years. A DC load circuit breaker is included as standard.

  • Maximum efficiency: 98.75%
  • Wide range of DC supply voltages
  • High precision MPPT search algorithm
  • 2 MPP Tracker modules
  • Built-in DC load switch
  • DC and AC overvoltage protection (optional)
  • Built-in zero-export power to the public grid
  • Ambient temperature range: -25 – 60 degrees C
  • Easy installation? Plug & amp; Play?
  • Intelligent active and reactive power monitoring
  • RS485 Wi-Fi communication
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Stainless, aluminum, removable housing
  • Polish-language technical support
  • Intuitive and functional application in Polish
  • Data storage up to 25 years on SD card
  • Noise level: <45 dB