JINKO Solar JKM 455M-60HL4-V – black frame

JINKO Solar JKM 455M-60HL4-V – black frame

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The main advantages of Jinko 455 solar modules:

  • Positive power tolerance 0 ~ 3%
  • Multi Busbar technology. Better light capture and electrical energy storage improve the output power and reliability of the module.
  • Resistance to extreme climatic conditions. High resistance to salt spray and ammonia.
  • Reduced Hot Spot losses. Optimized electrical installation and lower operating current reduce losses due to the HotSpot effect and improve the temperature coefficient.
  • Greater resistance to mechanical stress. Proven resistance to wind load (2400 Pa) and snow load (5400 Pa).
  • PID resistance. Guaranteed excellent protection against power loss due to the PID effect (PID – voltage induced degradation) thanks to an optimized mass production process and material control.

12-year mechanical warranty on the product
25-year linear power output warranty

Catalog card:

EU-JKM440-460M-60HL4- (V ) -F1-PO